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Reduced Waste

E-waste is trash that is created when technology is discarded. E-waste also refers to materials that are part of the manufacturing process. E-waste is a growing problem: it accounts for 2.6 million tons of trash every year in US landfills alone-that’s almost 2% of all US trash, and a whopping 70% of overall toxic waste.

What is RISO doing about e-waste? Well, RISO digital duplicators and inkjet printers are built to last. It’s not unusual to print millions and millions of copies on a RISO printer. Because of this, the amount of e-waste that ends up in landfills is reduced, as well as the number of hazardous materials that can contaminate the environment.

As a company, RISO is a responsible corporate citizen. We recycle our e-waste through reputable recycling companies, and we continue to explore ways that we can be more environmentally responsible at corporate headquarters.