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The RISO Way to Print

If you're concerned about the environment like all of us at RISO, you're searching for ways to reduce energy consumption, reduce air pollution, reduce waste, and be more "green." Here at RISO, we call this effort "Live...Print...Save GREEN."

RISO digital duplicators and inkjet printers provide high quality, high speed printing with a lessened environmental impact than other printing technologies. RISO printers are among the most environmentally friendly printers on the planet.

We hope you'll join us in our efforts to Live...Print... Save GREEN by using RISO printers for your printing needs.

RISO: A Green Company
RISO is known throughout the world as a green company.
RKC Environmental Charter and Principles
RISO Kagaku Corporation has been focusing on environmental issues across the board with a dedicated administrative body since 1992.
Sustainability Report 2009  2008
RISO considers the environment throughout entire product lifecycles, from procurement, design, development, and production to use, reuse, recycling, and disposal.
Energy Savings
RISO manufactures some on the most environmentally friendly printers on the planet.
RISO Energy Savings Calculator
See for yourself how much energy and greenbacks our green printers will save you!
Low or No Emissions
RISO printers do not emit any greenhouse gases.
What is RISO doing about e-waste?