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RISO Privacy Policy
RISO handles the personal data of customers carefully in accordance with the principles of personal data protection defined for operating this RISO Web Site, and makes its best efforts to protect the privacy of our customers.

Principles of personal data protection

  • 1. We confirm the purpose of personal data collection should be in proportion to the intended business contents and scale.
  • 2. We always give specific information regarding the purpose of use and obtain an agreement before collecting personal data.
  • 3. We never use the personal data obtained for any purposes other than agreed.
  • 4. We never submit the personal data obtained to any third party without prior consent or good reason.
  • 5. We help ensure the security of the obtained personal data by taking reasonable actions to prevent unauthorized access to them and their loss, falsification and leakage. In the case that an event risking their security occurs, we also immediately take corrective actions.
  • 6. We comply with the laws and regulations concerning personal data protection. To ensure such compliance, RISO may periodically revise its policies regarding handling of personal data.
  • 7. We enhance the knowledge of company staff about the importance of personal data protection through their education and training.
  • 8. We manage personal data properly by appointing a responsible manager to every department handling them.
  • 9. We make regular reviews of the activities relating to personal data protection and take actions to enhance the level of security.
  • 10. We keep track of the IP address from which people visit and also measure visitor activity in the RISO Web Site. We may use this data for analysis and to create statistics to help us provide better customer service.
  • 11. To better serve you, we may collect information regarding your session and activity by using methods such as Cookies and WebBeacon. We do not use such information to identify a particular user by combining it with other information.

December 1, 2004
Akira Hayama
President & CEO

  • 1. You do not, in principle, have to submit your personal data to browse this Web site. However, your personal data (address or name) may be requested as requirement if you want to take any of the following steps.
  • 1) To request our e-mail information providing service
  • 2) To request the mailing of listed brochures or apply for prizes
  • 3) To purchase goods in our on-line shop on this Web site
  • 4) To browse membership contents pages
  • 2. The personal data submitted are not opened to any third party except in the following cases.
  • 1) When prior consent is obtained
  • 2) When we consign the data transactions in a sales campaign or prize application to another company which has a non-disclosure agreement with us
  • 3) When the disclosure of personal data is required by law or legal or administrative process
  • 3. We manage the personal data submitted properly and carefully and take appropriate security measures to prevent their loss, misuse and falsification.
  • 4. If you wish to review your personal data, please contact to the relevant contact person we show on the RISO Web Site where you supplied or registered your personal data. We will make efforts to appropriately respond to your request.
  • 5. RISO Web Site has a certain section at which RISO request you to register your personal data for the purpose of better serving you and which you can access and browse only by entering your ID number and password provided to you by RISO when you registered your personal data. In the case that you register your personal data for your use of such section of RISO Web Site, you agree that RISO can use your personal data for the purpose of serving you better.
  • 6. Parts of our site contain links to our affiliates and third-party web sites for your convenience and information. When you access these other sites, even ones that may contain the RISO mark, please understand that we do not control the content of such sites and are not responsible for the privacy practice of such sites. We suggest that you carefully review the privacy policies of each web site you visit.
  • 7. If you have any inquiries about your own personal data, please contact your local RISO office.

All statements are correct as of 9th June, 2005.