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ComColor® series

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Copy&Scan Powerful, high-speed scanner unit adds even more functionality
High-speed Color Scanner HS 7000
The optional Scanner HS7000 can save scanned data over the network to a PC, as an attachment to e-mail, or onto a hard disk of a networked RISO machine. Multi-page documents can be saved in PDF format as either separate files or combined into one file. Documents can be saved as PDF, TIFF, JPEG and PDF/A (suitable for long-term storage) formats.

About the Various Copying and Scanning Functions
Sample Copy
Output one sample before making a large number of copies. This enables you to check the results and settings.

When making multiple copies of multi-page originals, you can specify whether to print by the page or by the set.

Mixed Size Original
Scan originals that consist of pages that vary in size.

Page Split
When copying double-spread pages of documents such as booklets, split the pages into two parts (left and right) and copy them separately.

Stamps the page number, date, or text on the header or footer.

Page Border
Add a border line in the margins of the paper. This enables you to make posters and signs stand out.

Original Type
Copy a document with image processing to suit the type of original such as photos and pencil drawings.

Gamma Correction
Correct the balance of colors the original contains to create more natural colors.

Base Color Level
Make the background color (base color) lighter when scanning an original with a background color.

Add Cover
Attach a front or back cover to the document that has been copied.

Slip Sheet
Insert a slip sheet between sets of copies.
This enables you to quickly separate a large amount of meeting documents or handouts.

Auto Image Rotation
Automatically rotate the image by 90 degrees so that the original data matches the orientation of the paper.

Book Shadow Erase
When scanning books or magazines, there is often a shadow at the center fold. This useful function automatically erases this for clear results.

ADF Scan & Pause
If you have an original with more pages than the auto feeder°¶s capacity (100sheets), you can use the scan and pause function to feed your document section by section up to the maximum of 1,000 simplex or 500 duplex sheets.