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ComColor® series

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Features Advanced support for all your office printing needs

About the Various Printing Functions
Print and Pause
Print one sample before printing a large number of pages. This enables you to check the results and settings.

Paper Type
Print using the optimal colors for the type of paper.

Save the documents you frequently print in a folder of the machine.

Print continuous pages together on one sheet. You can use this setting to save paper.

Reorder the pages to be in the correct order when folded in half.

Binding Edge
Configure the position at which the paper will be bound. The binding margin can also be adjusted.

Data Compression
Reduce the data file size and prioritize network communication speed over image quality when you print.


Envelope Imaging
Minimize blurring and smudging when printing on envelopes.

PIN Code
A PIN code can be configured for documents that are confidential.

Print according to a preconfigured program for the number of copies and number of sets. The slip sheet function can also be configured.

Blank Page Detection
Specify this to prevent blank pages of the original from being printed.