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Savings in print costs
The CV series makes prints from a master. As a result, the more pages generated from each master the lower the cost per print, making it highly economical for medium- to high-volume printing.

High-speed printing of 130 ppm
The CV series provides high-speed printing of up to130 ppm which means 500 pages in less than 4 minutes.

Adequate paper capacity
The paper trays have a capacity of approx. 1000 sheets for feeding and approx. 800 sheets for receiving, which ensures uninterrupted printing over a longer period.

Note: The paper capacity depends on paper type.

Easy-to-operate LCD panel
The 128 x 64 dot LCD panel is clearer to view and easier to operate than ever before.

Convenient PC connectivity via USB
Inbuilt USB PC interface enables easy connection to a PC.

Direct printing with a USB flash drive
You can print directly from the data saved in a USB flash drive. This is convenient when the machine is not connected to a PC or network. Also, printing directly from original data ensures better printing quality.

Auto Document Feeder (ADF)
Instead of feeding sheets individually, the ADF enables approx. 10 sheets to be fed automatically.

Note: The paper capacity depends on paper type.

Easy access to the print drum
Changing ink color is simple yet effective to emphasize the original. The design allows quick and easy removal and replacement of the print drum. This helps minimize interruption at busy times.

Versatile program print
For example, you can print question papers for three different classes, A, B and C that contain different numbers of students. Simply set up the program, place the three original tests in the ADF and press [START] key - you'll automatically receive the required numbers of each individual test.

Improved image processing & resolution provide unmatched print quality at this price
High-quality printing is achieved by using a higher-resolution thermal head which is normally employed in higher models. The new light source delivers improved color reproducibility of Red and Bright Red. Also the tonality and resolution have been improved at the highlight range thanks to the enhanced error-diffusion processing.

Clear reproduction of fine details
With enhanced resolution, even fine details can be clearly reproduced retaining legibility while preventing moire.

Quality output from various types of originals
Four image-processing modes: Line, Photo, Duo, and Pencil are selectable.

Ink color variations
A range of colors can meet the needs of a variety of print jobs.

Auto base control
Automatically compensates for newspaper originals or originals made on recycled paper, removing the background greyness so your output always has a clear, white background.

Versatile paper handling capability
The CV series accepts a wide range of paper types including recycled paper.

Three enlargement and four reduction settings
Easy operation with preset buttons. Just press your required size, it's fail-proof.

Displays residual capacity of supplies
The display shows the residual capacity of supplies, thus avoiding an out-of-stock situation.

Recognizes master and ink information by two-way communication with attached RF tag and adjusts the performance automatically. This contributes to quality stability and improvement. It also supports inventory control of consumables.

Paper saving
2-Up printing
Reduces paper by printing two originals onto one sheet of paper.

Direct printing
No need to prepare an original before printout.Direct data processing prevents paper wastage.

- ENERGY STARR certified
- Complies with the ErP directive in Europe
- Consumes less power and produces less heat
The CV series consumes much less power for printing than general B&W photocopiers/laser printers.
- Energy-saving system
With the introduction of auto power shut-off and auto sleep functions, the CV series supports energy saving.

Safety and durability
The CV series inspires confidence by delivering the same level of durability and operational safety that RISO is known for worldwide.

High-quality RISO consumables
RISO is the only company to develop and manufacture both the machine and consumables in-house, thus assuring consistent and high-quality output.
RISO MASTER CV B4 (200 sheets per roll)
RISO INK CV BLACK (800 ml per cartridge)
RISO INK CV COLOR (800 ml per cartridge)



Ergonomic Design
Intuitive operation
The new operation panel is designed for intuitive operation, making it user-friendly.
The left-to-right keyboard layout provides fluent operation; for initial setting, master-making and printing.

New design, smooth lines and a compact body result in reduced size and bulk, to fit in even a limited space.

Simple and stylish
The CV series' simple and stylish design makes changing the drum very easy.

Master-Making / Printing Methods High-speed digital master-making / fully automatic stencil printing
Original Type Sheets
Original Size(min./max.) 90mm × 140mm – 310mm × 435mm
Original Paper Weight 50gsm - 107gsm
Original Paper CapacityApprox. 10 sheets (64 gsm - 80 gsm / Maximum height 1 mm)
Scanning Area (max.) 297mm × 435mm
Printing Paper Size
Minimum size: 100mm × 148mm
Maximum size: 297mm × 420mm
Paper Supply Capacity Approx. 1000 sheets
(64 gsm to 80 gsm / Maximum height: 110mm)
Paper Receiving CapacityApprox. 800 sheets
(64 gsm to 80 gsm / Maximum height: 90mm)
Print Paper Weight 50 gsm - 157gsm
Image Processing Mode Line, Photo, Duo, Pencil
Scanning Resolution 300dpi x 600dpi
Printing Image Resolution300dpi x 600dpi
(600 dpi x 600 dpi: Perforation density on the master)
Master-making Time Approx. 35 seconds or less (for B4 originals/short edge feed/100% reproduction ratio)
Printing Area (max.)
251mm × 357mm
Print Reproduction Ratio Standard reproduction ratio (enlargement): 141%, 122%, 116%
Standard reproduction ratio (reduction): 94%, 87%, 82%, 71%
Print Speed 60 - 130 sheets per minute (five steps variable)
Print Position Adjustment Vertical: ±10mm, Horizontal : ±10mm
Ink Supply Fully automatic (800 ml per cartridge)
Master Supply / Disposal Fully automatic (200 sheets per roll)
Master Disposal Capacity Approx. 30 sheets
User Interface LCD panel
Computer ConnectionUSB PC Interface
Optional Accessories Color Drum (Cylinder), Job Separator
Operating Noise Max. 68 dB(A) (when printing 100 sheets per minute in the operator position)
Power Source AC 100-120 V/220-240 V, 50-60 Hz <2.0 A/1.0 A>
Power Consumption Max: 200W
At Ready: 15W or less
At Sleep: 10W or less
FunctionImage Processing Mode (Line/Photo/Duo), Pencil, Enlargement/Reduction, Scanning Level, 2up, Auto Process, Proof, Print Position, Speed, Program (A/B), Confidential, Custom Setting Mode, Direct Printing, USB Flash-via-Printing, Consumables Information, Energy Saving Mode (Auto Sleep/Auto Power-OFF), RISO i Quality System
Dimensions When in use: 1280 mm (W) x 655 mm (D) x 515 mm (H)
When in storage: 665 mm (W) x 655 mm (D) x 505 mm (H)
Required Space1280 mm (W) x 1255 mm (D) x 845 mm (H)
Weight Approx. 65kg
Safety StandardsIEC-60950-1 compliant, indoor, pollution degree 2*4, at altitudes of 2000 m or lower
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.
*Details may vary depending on the region.