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Digital Duplicator supplies

Unique Ink Formulations
RISO ink is tested repeatedly during the formulation process, to insure optimum print quality, as well as consistent performance under a variety of conditions. RISO ink is precisely formulated to work with the master material and the ink delivery system of the Printer-Duplicator to create a clean, sharp image.

More Copies in Every Tube of Ink
RISO inks are designed to work with our unique vacuum-drawn ink delivery system, that ensures that every drop of ink is consumed.

Consistent Results
Our emulsion inks consistently deliver high-quality printing, and when stored properly, can remain in the box or cylinder for long periods of time without the separation or change in viscosity that can result in poor quality and wasted ink and prints.

Precision Engineered Masters
RISO masters are developed specifically for the RISO printing process and manufactured to rigorous engineering specifications allowing the thermal print head to precisely replicate the digitally scanned image onto the master.

Protecting Your Investment
Our advanced formulations can also extend the life of the machine. Ink that separates not only results in poor image quality, but the water from this separation can cause corrossion in the cylinder. RISO masters are formulated to work perfectly with the master loading and disposal systems, as well as the thermal head that produces the image. RISO supplies ensure great, clear copy, and no worry about the possibility of damage to machine parts that can result from using non-RISO inks and masters.