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Designed for Speed, Stability and High-volume Production Print Jobs

The FORCEJET Advantage
RISOˇ¦s high-speed inkjet technology, FORCEJET, consists of wide, color, in-line inkjet print heads arranged in parallel for single-pass printing of black, cyan, magenta, yellow and gray on A3/Ledger short-edge feed paper. Fast printing functionality combined with a rapid and stable paper supply results in a print speed of160 pages per minute for A4 long-edge feed, in simplex literally the fastest*1 in the world.

Stabilized Paper Feed
A straight-path feeding system feeds paper horizontally to enable high-speed printing with minimal print offset. FORCEJET technology ensures optimal paper feed speed that is matched to the amount of ink being sprayed from the ink heads.

High-speed Printing Ink
Special quick-drying, oil-based pigment ink developed exclusively for the ComColor GD series prevents reverse-side staining of printed paper as well as cockling, to allow for unprecedented high-speed duplex inkjet printing. The ink is also resistant to degradation from light and water.

Large-capacity Trays
By loading the same-size paper into three feed trays and one standard tray, over 2,500 sheets*2 can be fed into the printer, and paper can be replenished without halting the print job. Various sizes of paper can also be loaded.

A3 full-size Printing
The ComColor GD series accommodates paper sizes ranging up to 340 mm x 550 mm*3. The maximum print area exceeds A3/Ledger size, at 314 mm x 548 mm.

Cards, Envelopes and other Paper Types
Inkjet printers require no heat when printing, which prevents paper curling and reduces paper jams. Smooth feeding of cards, envelopes and more is possible using the standard tray.

High-volume Ink Cartridges
Each high-volume color ink cartridge holds 1,000 ml of ink. One cartridge can be relied upon for printing a large quantity of copies without requiring replacement.

Record-breaking Speeds at 160 ppm, Literally the Fastest in the Industry

Higher Productivity, Higher Quality
Regardless of the number and types of images or volume of text, full-color images remain true to the original. For text-intensive documents, words remain crisp and easy to read.

Super High-speed Printing
Single-pass full-color printing of up to 160 A4 long-edge feed color pages per minute with fast-drying oil-based pigment ink is possible through a unique print engine configured with static inline inkjet heads arranged in parallel. Transactional prints, transpromotional materials, invoices, and other routine business documents are also fast.

Controlled Quality Output
High-precision paper-feed control enables printing at the same speed for both simplex and duplex documents to boost productivity. The responsive first print time of only five seconds means less waiting for high-volume print jobs.

Faster Scanning and Copying (Optional)
A one-pass duplex scanner improves scanning or copying, boasting a simplex/duplex scanning speed of 100 pages per minute and copying speed of 70 pages per minute. User name is automatically added to the document name, and each page of scanned data can be saved as individual PDFs. Features like ZIP compression and saving in PDF/A format are also available.

Built from the Ground up for the Demands of High-volume Printing

Small Footprint, Big Output
The ComColor GD series, which features a small footprint that makes it the ideal choice for all types of work environments, ensures high levels of productivity. Exceptional reliability in the face of consistent high-volume print jobs meets the specified demands of production and transactional printing industries. Newly-developed diamond-coated rollers supported by ball bearings, as well as other redesigned components, improve durability over the lifespan of the printer.

Built-in Quality and Flexibility, and Enhanced Color Reproduction Features
Taking Quality to a Higher Level
The ComColor GD series is engineered with features that ensure stable output quality for consistent printing results at high speed, including a Piezo system that regulates ink amount. Black image quality has been improved by installing a newly-developed print head and black ink. Additional inks enrich the look of images and enhance overall color quality. This unique RISO technology and approach to the printing process brings the added benefits of a low total cost of ownership when compared with toner technology, and greater control over cost management. It also enables practical migration away from simply highlight color or mono production to a cut sheet white paper solution. This provides genuine added value, as it eliminates the need to hold large volumes of pre-printed stock and opens up possibilities for a leap forward in color printing.

Consistent Output Quality
The ComColor GD series offers higher image quality and consistent printing results through RISO inkjet technology that features a Piezo system, which ensures stable output by controlling and regulating the amount of ink deposited on the paper.

Best Black Density
A newly-developed 600 dpi print head for black with special black ink supported by gray as a fifth ink delivers top quality, 10% higher black density than ever.

Enriched Color Images
Newly-developed magenta ink significantly improves full-color image quality by expanding the color gamut.

Optimized Gradations
The fifth color, gray ink in combination with black ink, is applied for higher quality gradations, which contributes to denser blacks, suppression of roughness, and improved color reproduction and stability.

Denser Blacks
Use of a special gray ink in combination with black ink diminishes light reflection on the paper to result in a denser black saturation on the page.

Roughness Suppression
For color printing, application of the gray ink in addition to CMY inks reduces graininess for smoother results.

Improved Color Reproduction
For color printing, application of the gray ink in addition to CMY inks, colors are accurately reproduced with finer gradation, for richer colors on the page.

Improved Color Stability
For printing of gray areas, application of the gray ink in addition to CMYK inks result in more stabilized grays, reducing the instability of dot alignment of color registration.

Easy Operation via the Intuitive Operation Panel

Color LCD Panel
The operation panel is a nine-inch color LCD touch screen for direct operation by touching functions and swiping screens.

Tilt Positioning
A quick tilt of the screen makes for optimal viewing and convenient operation by anyone at any time.

Multiple Menus Provide Quick Access to a Variety of Tasks
Favorites / Edit Button Order
Users can pre-set favorite settings, which can be accessed from any mode. Setting details can be confirmed via the displayed icons. Order of functions can be changed at will.

View Selection
In addition to a list, a thumbnail view can be accessed in order to check images on the screen.

Shortcut Icons
Up to nine shortcuts of [Favorites] can be registered on the [Home 2] screen

Scanning Preview
The image can be checked before saving scanned data.

Additional Copy
Same as for printing out, copy data remains in the ComColor GD series, so additional copies can be made without reloading using originals*.
* Setting by Administrator required.

Custom Paper Entry
By feeding the paper into the ComColor GD series, paper size can be measured automatically for custom paper registrations.

Multi-part Paper Printing
Print same original data on paper set at multiple feeding trays as if printing carbonless multi-part business forms.

Page Border
A function that lets a border be added automatically to enhance the look of posters and handbills.

Multiple Network Segments
Two LAN ports* can be set up separately from the segment network, making printing possible from an internal or other network, to accommodate guests using tablet computers.
*[LAN1] cannot be selected when using the optional print controller.

Scan-to-Mail (START TLS support)
START TLS is added for encryption setting to support Office365 mail server in e-mail setting.

Acquire LDAP Mail Address
Connecting to an internal directory with LDAP authentication ensures quick configuration for a large number of users. On login, the userˇ¦s mail address is automatically retrieved, saving a setup step.

Address Book
Increased functionality and operability lets individual users add and select up to 30 addresses, or add up to 300 common addresses that can be accessed by all co-workers.

Optimum Versatility with Optional Accessories for Productive Printing

High Capacity Feeder/Stacker
The High Capacity Feeder and High Capacity Stacker step up the printing capacity of the ComColor GD series to 4,000 sheets* without replenishing the paper.

A wider range of print jobs is possible through thicker paper and envelopes, as well as A3/Ledger-size paper.
*Height up to 440 mm (17-11/32")

With use of multiple trays, the High Capacity Feeder allows 5,500 sheets of paper to be loaded for continuous feeding. Maximize the benefits of highspeed printing with uninterrupted, high volume print runs without pausing to reload paper. During the step after printing, the High Capacity Stacker can be set to stack face up or face down. The sets are stacked so that they are offset. This option allows stacking of larger output volumes with reduced user intervention. Convenient removal and transport of the printed output is possible using the High Capacity Stacker Cart.

Wrapping Envelope Finisher
Wrapping Envelope Finisher*1 is a unique RISO mailing solution which is the industry's first complete in-line print-tomail solution engineered for high-volume output for professional productivity. Print and insert up to six A4 pages (depending on weight), simplex or duplex, which are automatically wrapped and sealed in the envelope in a single pass, ready for posting. Speeds of up to 2,400 for single page insert*2 fully wrapped and sealed mail pieces per hour are possible. Can be used with most third party postal software to print messages, logos, addresses, postal barcodes on envelopes.

*1 Wrapping Envelope Finisher is compatible with ComColor GD9630.
*2 A4 size simplex printing.

Perfect Binder
Perfect Binder increases productivity by dramatically reducing operator intervention and allowing for production of sixty-two 100-page duplex A4 sized books, printed and bound, in an hour, accommodating varying book thicknesses up to 600 pages, and handling binding from 1.5 mm to 30 mm (approximately 15 to 300 sheets). RISO Perfect Binder Software is compatible with AdobeR PDF and Microsoft Office file formats to simplify cover design, including spine printing and print preview functions, for an efficient pre-print process. Book covers are automatically and individually trimmed to size and thickness for a professional wrap-around finish. Perfect Binder offers securely bound printed pages by means of a high-pressure gluing process. RISO registration technology assures that pages are in order and aligned when they reach this critical point. Use of the glue roll helps reduce overall power consumption and a reduction in waste compared to traditional hot-glue-pot methods.

Multifunction Finisher
A versatile finisher that saves time by automatically stapling, punching holes, and folding.

Folder Unit
An optional Folder Unit further enhances versatility.

ComColorExpress FS2000C
FS2000C, an EFI TM Fiery R server for RISO ComColor GD series, helps improve operation and the management of print jobs, files and media. The Fiery Command WorkStationR is an intuitive way for users to manage all Fiery R DrivenTM printers locally or remotely.