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What is a RISO Digital Printer?

Riso technology is based around a simple and reliable process. It provides printed matter at a much higher speed than most other commercially available systems.

A Riso Digital Printer first scans the document to be printed, and then digitally reproduces it on a master sheet. This sheet is then wrapped around an ink drum, which turns at high speed whilst paper passes underneath.

By using a drum, a Riso Digital Printer is able to print at up to 130 copies per minute, even in A3 format, offering a far higher output speed than most conventional office printing technologies.

What are the benefits of a Riso Digital Printer over other technologies?

High-speed, cost efficient and very reliable reproduction. These are the main benefits of the process which involves producing a digital master. And because its more efficient, it helps the organisations that use them become more efficient too.

Are there any limitations to this process?

Owing to the time required to make the master sheet V typically 20 seconds, and the cost of the master sheet itself, the Riso Digital Printer is best suited to applications where you print 30 or more copies of the same document. We do, however, still have many users who use their machines for shorter run applications. This is because as well as being quick, Riso Digital Printers are also very reliable and easy to use in todays high-pressure environments.

How can I upgrade my Riso Digital Printer?

Your local Riso distributor or consultant will be happy to advise you. From adding colour drums and ink, to using our extensive range of finishing equipment. Riso Digital Printers provide you with one of the most flexible technologies on the market V ensuring that you have a solution that grows with your business needs. A solution for tomorrow as well as today.

I want to start producing documents in full colour. Can Riso help?

Our newly launched HC range are the Worlds Fastest sheet-fed Full Colour Ink-Jet Printer V combining up to 120 pages per minute with incredibly low running costs. This machine is the ideal way to introduce colour production into an existing monochrome environment V giving all the benefits of colour, whilst limiting the risk in terms of increased cost.

In addition, all of our existing Digital Printers are fully compatible with a wide range of colour inks V we are even able to custom-produce colour inks to meet any corporate requirements. Producing documents in colour is as simple as changing the drum on your printer, and the Riso V8000 Printer can even produce documents in 2 colours at once.

How can I arrange to see a Riso Digital Printer?

The Riso Direct sales team and our network of dedicated distributors are always available to answer your needs and show you exactly how a Riso Digital Printer can solve your production needs. Just visit our Contact page on this website to find details of your nearest retail outlet or to speak to one of the Riso Direct team.

Do your HC range of printers operate using a master-based technology?

No. Our new HC range has been created using a revolutionary print engine that we term FORCEJET. This development of ink-jet technology is able to print in a fully variable data environment, and offers the same speed and cost effectiveness whether printing just one copy, or 10,000 copies of the same sheet.

This technology picks up on all the same benefits as the Riso Digital Printer-Duplicator technology, but offers enhanced flexibility to the customer.

Will you continue to sell and maintain your Digital Printer range?

Yes. The new HC range, whilst technologically incredibly advanced, cannot match the ultimate speed and efficiency of the Digital Printer range when operating on long print runs in a single colour. In fact, we are so committed to our Digital Printer technology, that we are launching a completely new range of products V the Riso RZ Series, which will build on all the strengths of our existing ranges, whilst showcasing print quality improvements such as the RISO iQuality System and 300 dpi *600 dpi printing.